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With our chemistry and circular economy services, we are taking part in building a sustainable future.
We guarantee that our engineers and chemists will find solutions for your problems.


We specialise in chemical safety, in chemical legislation and in solving production process issues. No matter if it is extra resources or external insight that you need, we are your small and agile partner in all things chemistry.

Safety and legislation

We are experts on chemical safety and chemical legislation. Should you wish to improve the chemical safety in your company, we will definitely find an efficient way together. We are also happy to help with the legal processes and issues related to bringing new chemical products to market.

Production processes

Variations and issues requiring deep understanding of chemistry are something that is inherent to all production processes. It is rarely feasible to upkeep in-house chemistry know-how. We are your partner when you need practical problem solving – fast and efficient.

Circular economy

Only a small fraction of the materials in world are recovered for reuse, and increasing consumption is based on gathering new raw materials. To get the materials back into the cycle, we solve the challenges in using waste materials and by-products with our customers. We promote circular economy in practice and improve the environmental friendliness. We work for a more sustainable society and aim to reduce waste, collect by-products and control industrial waters.


Material flows

Taking full advantage of material and by-product flows is the cornerstone of circular economy. What earlier would have been waste, can be used to develop commercial products, thus keeping the materials in use longer. Do you have material flows that you would like to capitalise? Contact us and our chemists and environmental engineers will solve your challenges.

Environmental chemistry

Our environmental chemists know their chemistry and circular economy. Be it more efficient processes or controlling wastes and waters, we can help you. As a result, you will get both an analysis of the current state of your activities and concrete suggestions, with equipment and investment proposals, for improving your company’s environmental friendliness and efficiency.

Renewable energy

We are specialised in renewable power sources. They are an excellent way to reduce emissions and improve a company’s environmental accountability. We survey the initial state and the goal together with our customers, and provide concrete suggestions for improving energy efficiency and migrating towards completely clean electricity generation.

Would you like to improve your profits and accountability?
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