The Company

We founded Kravee to change the world. Our mission “Make things last longer” drives our everyday work. We target in reducing waste and building a more sustainable future with everything we do. We also want to take care of our personnel. They shouldn’t be burned out and we value the time that is spent with families. Our working culture stems deeply from entrepreneurship, environment friendliness, frugality, honesty and transparency.

The Customers

We are helping our customers to make a transformation from fossil fuel economy towards renewable energy sources and sustainable production. Our services and products help our customers to use less raw materials and less money.

The Employees

Our ambition at Kravee is that our personnel are doing well. They share our mission of changing the world towards sustainable development. We want to offer work assignments that inspire and motivate them. Kravee also supports them in keeping up a healthy and sustainable way of life.

The Values

Working must be fun and we do it with passion
Our services and products surpass expectations
We save nature and money

Our values are observable in the quality of our service and in the results of our work. Our employees, who enjoy their work and share our common values and vision, make wonders happen. Our work allows us to fulfil our mission, where equipment can be used longer, clean energy is being used, and raw materials are recycled or re-used.

The History

We were fed up with the waste of natural resources and in spring 2020 decided that we wanted to build a company which will make a difference. The story of our company began in a log house on the shore of Lake Pyhäjärvi, where we spent time reflecting our values. We, the founders of the company, share the same values and the same vision of the future, where raw materials are recycled or re-used, equipment lasts longer and growth does not rely on increasing use of natural resources. After a weekend full of visioning, we had our mission Make things last longer and our company Kravee. In the beginning, we were a company of three founders and three technicians, today and tomorrow we aim to be a bit bigger and better than yesterday.